the story

This Victorian era horseshoe makes the perfect good luck token.  Found as a stick pin, we gave it a new life as a super wearable charm.

Made from 14k yellow gold it has nice clean, sleek lines ending in delicate points.  The gold has a wonderful patina that comes with age and radiates a beautiful glow that  looks amazing on every skin-tone.

A great charm add to your charm bracelet, wear as a necklace, earring, or stacked with your favorite pieces.

Want just the charm? No prob!  Want to wear it on a chain necklace or hoop earring?! Select below to make your new charm your own unique piece.

the specs
Reference NumberR983
StyleF&B Conversion
EraVictorian (1836-1901)
Metals14K Yellow Gold
Depth in Inches (approximate)0.07"
Height (approximate inches)0.71"
Width (approximate inches)0.65"
ConditionGreat antique condition, consistent with age and wear. There are slight solder marks on the reverse of the charm which is common for a conversion piece.
The Details

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